since 1950 we open a world


Since 1950 we have been studying and manufacturing energy-saving and cutting-edge products based on the deep knowledge of the raw material that we work: wood.


Roots in the past, technology of the future.

Sidel, windows for life since 1950

Born in the 50s, Sidel was a small craft shop with little space to move physically but with lots of space dedicated to ideas. Activity began as joinery dedicated to the creation of windows, doors, shutters and wooden furniture. As time goes by in the mind of Giuseppe Damiani, who was a teenager, it gets more and more space the idea of creating a unique and innovative product driven also by the desire to stand out and make the difference.

In the seventies, the workshop left space for larger warehouses and more space for counters and machinery for the processing of wooden windows.

But the real large-scale production of window frames began in the early 80s with the creation of the window called Leader. Since then it is a continuous evolution, Sidel srl gives life to other lines of frames both in wood and wood-aluminum, different profiles to meet different architectural needs.

But all always with a single denominator: wood.

The made in Sidel style is born.

What does “made in Sidel” mean?

For Giuseppe Damiani, founder of the company, the meaning has deep roots made of passion and innovative ideas. Ideas based on experience and powered by valid employees. On these principles, today stands a 30,000 square meter wood industry, which continues to produce increasingly popular products in Italy and abroad.

Made in Sidel means quality, but also much more: social responsibility, environmental responsibility, structured sales network and an active customer service are the “finishing” that makes a product that lasts over time more important, as handmade ones “of a time”. By the will of the Damiani family, still at the head of the company, modern technologies and automated production lines are a tool to improve aesthetics, functionality and safety. Technology is a tool used to achieve the primary objective of amazed the customer with a high-end product, suitable for different styles and tastes, “tailored”, but more effective in terms of performance.

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel.


Made in Italy product

Made in Italy product

All the windows, both wood and wood-aluminum produced by Sidel, are totally made in Italy.

Ecological choice

Ecological choice

All finishes are made using only water-based paints to make the finished products 100% eco-friendly.



The CE marking certifies compliance with the requirements set by the Uni En 14351-1 and Uni 13659 standards in application of the Community Directive 89/106 / EC.

Guaranteed products

Guaranteed products

All Sidel products are guaranteed for 10 years, testifying to the quality of the materials and production processes used.