Accoya® Sidel

Accoya® is an exceptional variety of lumber that enables unmatched performances. This wood is produced from sustainable and optimally managed raw materials, it is nontoxic and presents strong dimensional stability and assured durability.
Accoya® is the result of more than 75 years of research and development: its high performance is due to the combination of a proven treatment technique, acetylation.
Accoya® blends nature and design: we are talking about a solid, durable wood that comes from fast-growing forests, which is nontoxic and even stronger than the best tropical hardwoods.

After eighty years of research, it combines all scientific investigations on wood acetylation, starting from the oldest until the most modern findings.
In the production of accoya®, wood chemical structure is modified from the surface to the core, resulting in a unique, durable and exceptionally stable product.
Accoya® has been subject to extensive tests and to all weather conditions, proving that it can withstand even extreme conditions.
Its unique characteristics of durability and stability guarantee a long-term perfect result, three times more than other woods.

Accoya® wood can be reused and recycled. Workmanship does not compromise its natural strength and beauty, and it has exceptional resistance to the effects of ultraviolet exposure.

Sidel chooses accoya® for its windows in order to create a perfect synergy between elegance of wood, durability over time, and modern design.
Furthermore, its natural whitish color makes it perfect for colors such as walnut to obtain a more classic effect, as well as bleached and/or lacquered colors for more modern atmospheres.
Sidel focuses on eco-sustainable future by incorporating this phenomenal wood, adding tricoat hardware (anti-corrosion treatment) and absolutely non-toxic, low-maintenance water-based paints.
Choosing Sidel’s energy-saving accoya® window leads to a process of development, in which aesthetics, functionality and sustainability are combined in a single window, which is designed, engineered and manufactured to make our homes beautiful, high-tech and environmentally friendly.