Timbers and finishes

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel.

Timbers and finishes

choose your wood and choose your color

Today, doors and windows are no longer just an instrument that must isolate us from the external environment, but have now become real furnishing elements. Aware of what is asked of our windows in terms of wood and finishes, we decided to innovate the entire color range. The new 2018 finishes are characterized by more natural and opaque colors to further enhance the beauty of wood and its veins, are technologically advanced, thanks to the use of nanotechnology to better protect the parts exposed to the elements and delay the maintenance.

colori-finiture sidel 2018

choose your wood and choose your color

Ogni colore è stato scelto per esaltare la bellezza naturale del legno su cui è realizzato.

A wide choice for wood and finishes to meet the tastes of all and be able to easily combine the windows to the floors, the surrounding environment and furnishings both classic and contemporary.

To help you we have created categories within which you will find the various essences proposed in the most suitable colors to better enhance the beauty of wood. To check the availability of the chosen essence or color, we invite you to contact our Sidel_Point and Sidel_Club.


choose essence and color


choose the effect and the color