Exquadra Series


Resistant and elegant are the adjectives that better describe Exquadra window.
The aluminium fitted on the external side is ideal to handle temperature changes, while the internal wood gives warmth and personality.
Exquadra is a contemporary window that adapts perfectly to every need, every context. Its square profile with edges on both sides is the perfect solution in any contemporary and modern urban settings. Furthermore, the combination of two materials allows a wide versatility in terms of color combinations.


Air permeability: class 4

Water tightness: class E750

Wind resistance: class C4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Acoustic insulation: 36dB

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

It is an expression of design and functionality thank to its high performance in test results and modern, contemporary style.

 Exquadra is also different from other windows due to the presence of:

  • Symmetrical internal and external sides;
  • Availability in all shapes and sizes;
  • Concealed hardware;
  • Multipoint security hardware;
  • Modern aesthetical profile.


finestra legno alluminio particolare

Exquadra touch

The combination of two innovative products meets technology: Exquadra wood-aluminium window with the ScreenLine blind integrated into the glass.

Exquadra touch features functionality and high-quality materials to guarantee durability. It is realized with efficient technologies that further elevate the concept of energy-saving windows much more than a simple wood window: Exquadra Touch is a concentrate of style and elegance.


Boxed aluminium

Exquadra window is made up of external aluminium with closed, rigid and stable box profiles.

Squared profile

Exquadra window is designed with a squared and slightly inclined profile, both on the internal and external sides.

Unique paints

The external aluminium has a protective function. For this reason, it is possible to use fine woods and ever-changing paints.

High performance

Accident-prevention glass is fitted on Exquadra on both the internal and external sides. The glass installed as standard is able to ensure a high degree of thermal insulation, but also safety in case of accidental breakage.

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