Leader Series

finestra leader


Sidel’s Leader windows and doors are made from pure glued-laminated timber to ensure greater stability, endurance and quality.
A long tradition that, combined with the most advanced technologies, has resulted in a window with amazing technical and functional performance. The meticulous care and careful selection of materials combined with expertise and experience make the Leader window suitable for any living environment.
Leader window is entirely realized with three-layer glued-laminated timber of oak, okumè and pine. On request, it can be realized a version made of accoya®, the wood guaranteed 50 years.


Air permeability: class 4

Water tightness: class E750

Wind resistance: class C4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Acoustic insulation: 36dB

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

Leader window is a dynamic and eclectic window. It adapts perfectly also in case of renovation or replacement with recovery of old frames. Thanks to its glued-laminated frame, it is possible to make custom-made or “zeta” frames to be placed on the wall.

Customize it to suit your needs

Leader window can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories and solutions:

  • external wood drip cap;
  • high-performance acoustic glass;
  • concealed hardware;
  • multipoint security hardware.


English style

For those who are passionate about the colonial style, Leader window can be realized with muntins upon its double glazing. The channel is installed inside the glass in alignment with the wood strips. The desired effect is thus ensured without sacrificing the performance of a single glass.

Bottom rail

The bottom rail is the frame placed at the base of the window, which protects and insulates. Leader window has three lower transoms as standard, but it is possible, upon request, to reduce or increase their number in order to achieve more brightness and customization.

Drip cap

Leader window’s standard drip cap is made of extruded aluminium. Its aerodynamic shape is specificallly designed to facilitate water drainage. Upon request, it is possible to equip the window with a solid wood drip cap which can be applied also after installation.

Tricoat hardware

The use of Silverlook hardware with USP tribological sealing treatment and through self-lubrication and self-protection, guarantees perfect opening and closing of the sash. Fitted as standard on all windows and doors manufactured by Sidel, it is guaranteed for 15 years.

Leader window in accoya®

Accoya® is an ideal timber variety for outdoor applications. Produced from sustainable and optimally managed raw materials, Accoya is nontoxic and it has exceptional durability and dimensional stability.

Accoya® is the result of more than 75 years of research and development: its high performance is mainly due to a proven treatment technique, acetylation.




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