Omnia Series

Universal Design

SIDEL’s new window is Original, Modern, Natural, Innovative, Authentic: it is OMNIA.

Omnia is the window that brings everyone together. Cutting-edge technologies, solidity and durability enable Omnia to be introduced to the world not only as the latest generation of windows but as the leader of a new era of windows.


Air permeability: class 4

Water tightness: class E750

Wind resistance: class C4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Acoustic insulation: 39dB

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

Omnia window is the uniquely designed wood window, in which sash and frame are perfectly coplanar, giving an elegant appearance to the window.

Omnia comes standard with:

  • Exterior aluminium drip cap;
  • High-performance triple glass;
  • Double thermal channel with argon gas;
  • Reduced central node;
  • Tilt-and-turn hardware;
  • Concealed hardware as standard;
  • Squared glass stop;


Triple Glass

Omnia window has double chamber and triple pane glass as standard, increasing thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Bottom rail

The bottom rail is the frame placed at the base of the window, which protects and insulates. Omnia window has two lower transoms as standard, but it is possible, upon request, to reduce or increase their number in order to achieve more brightness and customization.

Drip cap

Omnia window’s standard drip cap is made of extruded aluminum. Its aerodynamic shape is specificallly designed to facilitate water drainage. Upon request, it is possible to equip the window with a solid wood drip cap which can be applied also after installation.


The application of Silverlook hardware with USP tribological sealing treatment and through self-lubrication and self-protection ensures a perfect opening and closing system of the sash. Fitted as standard on all windows and doors manufactured by Sidel, this hardware has a 15-year warranty.




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