Basic series is characterized by simplicity and versatility, making these models suitable for any environment, from the most classic to the most modern.


Fashion series’ models feature aluminium bands and inserts which contrast to the wood.


Classic series features timeless lines and represents the evolution of the traditional solid wood door with frames.


Style series features pantograph, a modern wood engraving technique that gives greater depth.


Design Porthos is a lively, youthful and enjoyable series perfect for modern and original homes. Sidel’s innovative door series has character and durability.


The Vetro series brings light and elegance to the rooms thanks to the wide glass surface, which can be fully customized.


Porthos is Sidel’s glued-laminated door that has passed all the technical laboratory tests required by current regulations to obtain Burglar-Resistance Certification.
In fact, Porthos door has Class RC4 Burglar-Resistance Certification, a very high anti-burglary category which guarantees high performance, strength and reliability.
Sidel’s door can be designed in every type, shape and customized solution: arched, double swing, single or double-sash, glass compartment version. No masonry work is needed and the replacement of old doors takes just a few hours.

Resistance class RC4 is issued for every single-sash configuration. Resistance class RC3 is issued for every double-sash, asymmetrical and symmetrical configurations, and for the glass compartment version.
These certifications have been obtained through numerous tests and burglary attempts, passing them excellently.


Acoustic insulation

Suitable to every season


Certified protection


Energy saving

Porthos, solidity, strength and design

Porthos is a state-of-art design door. A secure and durable door with irresistible appeal. The value of the best wood of Oak, Okumè and Pine is declined in different series to guarantee maximum adaptability to any living context. The wide range of accessories allows an excellent level of customization, both aesthetically and technically.

Porthos door is named after one of The Three Musketeers, the strongest and most valiant.
Sidel’s series of security doors was created and developed around strong inspirations: the beauty and noble elegance of wood, the strength of steel, and the reliability of the technical skills of those who, since 1950, have wisely combined craftsmanship and technological application.

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