Prestige Series



Prestige, the newly-developed window.
Prestige window is the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency, the optimal solution for those who desire the warmth and natural beauty of glued-laminated wood and the comfort and flexibility of aluminium cladding.



Air permeability: class 4

Water tightness: class E750

Wind resistance: class C4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Acoustic insulation: 36dB

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

Prestige is made up of 70% glued-laminated wood and 30% aluminium in alloy 6060. The external aluminium is a real shield that protects the internal wood profile. In addition, thanks to the presence of cladding, you can choose from a wide range of colors and paints.


Customize it to suit your needs

Prestige window can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories and solutions:

  • Between-the-glass blinds;
  • Double chamber glazing;
  • Concealed hardware;
  • Multipoint security hardware;
  • Special wood paints.


Hidden water drainage

Water drainage is fully integrated into the profile. In this way, the external profile remains unchanged.

External bottom rail

The external aluminium side is realized in a way that helps the outward water sliding, while thermal insulation is ensured by a thermal break threshold that is fitted as standard on all products.

Triple glazing

Upon request, Prestige window can be supplemented with double chamber and triple pane glass, increasing its thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Tricoat hardware

The application of tricoat hardware ensures the perfect closing and opening mechanism of the sash. Fitted as standard on all windows and doors manufactured by Sidel, the tricoat treatment is guaranteed 15 years against rust. It is the best solution in case of humidity or proximity to the sea.

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