Urban Series


Sidel’s Urban window represents the evolution of windows in the contemporary era. Urban leaves maximum space to glazed surfaces, improving rooms’ thermal performance and brightness.
The significantly reduced external aluminium cladding can disappear in built-in installation solutions. With Urban series, design and sophistication are combined to technological solutions and high performance.
Thanks to its wood frame – only 50 mm tick – the up-to-date Urban window is the answer to today’s trends in terms of design and vanguard. Urban window can host between-the-glass blinds: the Venetian type to regulate and filter light; the pleated type to increase the level of privacy without sacrificing brightness; or black-out type for maximum darkness. Thanks to the solar module system, electrical operation can be activated even without the presence of a light point.


Air permeability: class 4

Water tightness: class E750

Wind resistance: class C4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Acoustic insulation: 36dB

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

finestra urban


French doors do not present bottom rails in order to improve light entry. For the window, instead, the standard threshold is replaced by a low aluminium threshold with thermal break, which is the same used on French doors.


As standard, Urban window features elegant and refined concealed hinges. It is realized with the tricoat anti-corrosion treatment and equipped with a tilt-and-turn opening system.


Unique design

Urban features a central mullion which is reduced to 114 mm only, allowing more light to enter the rooms and making the window elegant and refined.

Low threshold

Urban window is fitted with a low threshold as standard. Made of thermal break aluminium, the new threshold is an exclusive design of Sidel. With its height of 25 mm it is also perfect to break down architectural barriers.

Double chamber glazing

Triple glass with double chamber can be installed upon request. Perfect to increase thermal and acoustic performance, it turns out to be the ideal choice especially in case of renovation in the city, where insulating against noise helps elevating people’s living comfort.

Tricoat hardware

The application of tricoat hardware ensures the perfect closing and opening mechanism of the sash. Fitted as standard on all windows and doors manufactured by Sidel, the tricoat treatment is guaranteed 15 years against rust. It is the best solution in case of humidity or proximity to the sea.

Urban window in accoya®

Accoya® is an ideal timber variety for outdoor applications. Produced from sustainable and optimally managed raw materials, Accoya is nontoxic and it has exceptional durability and dimensional stability.

Accoya® is the result of more than 75 years of research and development: its high performance is mainly due to a proven treatment technique, acetylation.




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