Prestige is the wood-aluminum window with soft, rounded shapes, a clever combination of the beauty of wood and the strength of external boxed aluminum.


A twin of the Prestige series, the Exquadra all-wood aluminum window differs in its squarer shape. Contemporary in style, the Exquadra is a sturdy and durable all-wood window.


Wood-aluminum windows are the epitome of all-wood frames: beauty and flexibility are mixed with strength and durability.
The strength of aluminum and the warmth of wood make Sidel’s wood-aluminum windows the ideal solution for those who want a versatile, customizable and durable window frame.
In fact, the outer shield, made of aluminum, greatly reduces the window’s extraordinary maintenance.
The external aluminum of which all Sidel’s wood-aluminum windows are composed is made with multiple chamber profiles, which prevent flexing. An exclusive technology that originates from a proprietary Sidel project, which allows the windows to be customized with special colors, finishes and effects.

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