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Wood-aluminum, perfect union!

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel


The aluminum wood with squared shapes

Strong on the outside, elegant on the inside, this is the synthesis of Exquadra window. The aluminum on the outside, ideal for resisting thermal changes and internal wood to give warmth and personality to any environment, make Exquadra a perfect combination of materials and design. Furthermore, the union of the two materials allows a wide versatility in the choice of color combinations. All this to give free rein to the imagination.

finestra exquadra

Exquadra series is the highest expression of design and functionality in the wooden aluminum window sector, thanks to its high performance in tests and modern and contemporary style. Thanks to its shapes, Exquadra can be customized in size, type and appearance.

Exquadra series, all the advantages of aluminum wood

Exquadra series is different from the others thanks also to:

  • Symmetrical internal and external side;
  • Available in all shapes and sizes;
  • Hidden hardware;
  • Multi-point security hardware;
  • Current aesthetic profile;


Choose serenity, choose a certified product!

Permeabilità all'aria: classe 4

Permeabilità all'aria: classe 4

Prove meccaniche: conforme

Prove meccaniche: conforme

Tenuta all'acqua: classe E1050

Tenuta all'acqua: classe E1050

Isolamento acustico: 36 dB

Isolamento acustico: 36 dB

resistenza al vento: classe C4

resistenza al vento: classe C4

Isolamento termico: 1.2 w/mqk

Isolamento termico: 1.2 w/mqk


make your window unique, customize it to your taste

Boxed aluminum

Both the Exquadra window and its Prestige twin are made of external aluminum with closed box profiles. This particular processing makes the aluminum profiles much stiffer and more stable, moreover the thickness of the aluminum is about 2 mm far higher than the average in circulation.

Square profile

Exquadra window is made with a slightly inclined profile. Both in the inside and in the external part. This particularity makes it a window always current in time and current trends.

Unique finishes.

The external aluminum has a protective function. This allows you to use precious woods and always new finishes. Window Exquadra will satisfy your desire to get a particular color to decorate your home. On request it is always possible to create customized finishes.

High performance

Exquadra series, like all the windows made by Sidel, is a product designed to ensure energy savings. Exquadra series foresee anti-accident glass both on the inside and outside. This kind of glass is part of standard equipment and it is able to guarantee not only high values of thermal insulation but also safety in case of accidental breakage.

Choose your color

make your window in the color you like best. Choose from the various possibilities of combinations of essence and finish.


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