urbanwood window

Wood changes shape

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel


Minimal wooden window

Urbanwood window is the expression of a particularly refined style, suitable for private residences, offices or commercial activities. Urbanwood is perfect both for urban environments and for locations located outside metropolitan contexts. Urbanwood window is the answer to wood lovers who want a technologically advanced window. Perfect for those who need to replace the old windows thanks to its reduced thickness, it adapts perfectly to any living environment. Its best location, wherever your home is, is in environments that require light and air, to immediately give a sense of freedom and grandeur to every room, thanks to minimalist and essential lines.

Urbanwood, beauty is standard.

Based on the minimalist charm of recent years, Sidel designs and creates the new Urbanwood window. Technology and tradition are perfectly sound and are covered in the natural elegance of wood to inspire designers.

Aluminum frame for special assembly.

Urbanwood window has an aluminum frame designed to be installed completely hidden behind the wall, so as to achieve a modern aesthetic effect. Moreover, the frame can be covered with a wooden profile of the same essence and color of the door.


Choose serenity, choose a certified product.

Air resistance: class 4

Air resistance: class 4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Mechanical tests: compliant

Water resistance: class E1050

Water resistance: class E1050

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Wind resistance: classe C4

Wind resistance: classe C4

Thermal insula: 1.2 w/mqk

Thermal insula: 1.2 w/mqk

Urbanwood window, the beauty over time!

the cold geometry of squared shapes is combined with the eternal beauty of wood.

sidel, qualità infissi


Imagine a solid wood from sustainable forest, fast growing, totally non-toxic, which provides dimensional stability and durability that is better to even the best hardwood. You are imagining your new Urbanwood window in Accoya. Accoya® is a new exceptional variety of timber with performance that makes it ideal for outdoor applications such as windows. This high performance wood is produced with sustainable raw materials and managed in an optimal manner. It is non-toxic and is also equipped with dimensional stability and durability that can exceed those of the best hardwoods.



make your window unique, customize it to your taste

Unique design

A unique composition of materials and in-depth research into shapes make Urbanwood window unique. Sash is completely made of laminated wood, while the frame is in aluminum.

Hidden hinges

To respect its clean design and support heavy weights, Urbanwood window is manufactured with hidden hinges as standard equipment with a load resistance up to 160 kg.

Aluminum frame.

Urbanwood window is perfect in situations with few space, in fact, to reduce the overall dimensions, we use an aluminum frame designed exclusively for this series. The frame covered in aluminum has three different standard colors: white, black and wood effect, also on request it can be covered in wood.

Current finishes.

Urbanwood window makes the difference even with colors. In fact, thanks to the new opaque water-based paints, the colors become even more natural, enhancing the unique beauty of wood. Furthermore, as with all Sidel products, Urbanwood can also be produced in sample colors.

Choose your color

make your window in the color you like best. Choose from the various possibilities of combinations of essence and finish.


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