MINIMAL windows


Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel.

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Design combined with technological innovation, it’s elegance.
Urban style is born.


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The evolution of windows, this is Urban series.
Modern windows, characterized by a new style, the large thickness give way to modern profiles. Thin lines, clean design, Urban and Urbanwood windows can be easily adapted to any living context. Moreover, all the modern Urban windows are characterized by the high performance of thermal and acoustic insulation. Designed for modern environments and to be totally exposed. Thanks to the unique design, the modern Urban series is perfect even during the renovation. Excellent when the prerogative is to recover as much light as possible and to minimize wall interventions for fixing.

minimal urban

The contemporary lines and high performance of Urban are the answer to the housing needs of today’s families who seek comfort in the city, thermal and acoustic insulation, brightness and savings. Many assembly combinations and the range of details and finishes allow to windows to easily adapt to different architectural solutions.

minimal urbanwood

UrbanWood is an original interpretation of wood, the wood grain is combined with modern and contemporary environments, created to design architectures in harmony with modern colors, it adapts perfectly to any living environment.