leader window

a timeless style.

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel.

LEADER window

Discover the flexibility of wooden window.

In an era in which aesthetics is not synonymous with substance, the economic product is daily, Sidel has decided to go against the current. For this reason, we manufacture high quality products but at the right price. All the windows produced by Sidel are always made in pure laminated wood in three or more layers of the highest quality to guarantee greater stability and added value.

Tradition and technology together.

A long tradition that, combined with the most modern technologies, has allowed us to get a window with surprising technical and functional performances. Basically the attention to details and a careful selection of materials, combined with a long experience, make the window Leader suitable for any living environment. If you like rustic or modern style, the Leader window is the ideal product that fits without ever neglecting thermal and acoustic insulation. The Leader window is made in solid Oak, Okumè and Pine laminated in three-layers, it is also possible to have it in Accoya, the wood guaranteed for 50 years

finestra leader

Leader series is the most flexible Sidel window in all the series produced. The Leader window turns out to be perfect in the context of renovations or replacement with recovery of the old existing frames. Thanks to its frame made entirely of laminated wood, it is possible to make custom-made frames or “Zeta” frames to be placed on the wall.

Customized to suit your needs.

It is possible to enrich the Leader window with a series of accessories and solutions such as:

  • External drip wood
  • Glazing with high acoustic performance
  • Hidden hardware
  • Multi point safety hardware


Choose serenity, choose a certified product!

Air resistance: class 4

Air resistance: class 4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Mechanical tests: compliant

Water resistance: class E750

Water resistance: class E750

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Wind resistance : class C4

Wind resistance : class C4

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

Thermal insulation: 1.2 w/mqk

LEADER window and Accoya

ACCOYA | Welcome in the future of the wood

Accoya® is a new exceptional variety of timber with performance that makes it ideal for outdoor applications. This wood is produced with sustainable raw materials and managed in an optimal way, it is not toxic and it is also endowed with dimensional stability and durability able to surpass those of the best hardwoods. Accoya is the result of over 75 years of research and development: its high performance is due to the combination of a proven treatment technique, acetylation.


make your window unique, customize it to your taste.

English style.

For those who love the colonial style on the Leader window it is possible to overlap the transoms on the glazing. What makes the difference is how we assembly the spacer between glass in correspondence with the wooden transoms. So as to get a greater realistic effect without renouncing the performance of the single glass.


3 lower crosspieces are installed as standard. But you can decide to customize your Leader Window, adding or deleting them. Increase the brightness of the rooms or simply customize it.


The standard drip installed on the Leader window is in extruded aluminum. Its aerodynamic shape is specifically designed to facilitate the discharge of water. On request it is possible to equip the window with a solid wood drip.

Tricoat hardware.

The use of hardware with tricoat treatment guarantees perfect operation of closing and opening of the sash. Mounted as standard on all windows produced by Sidel, tricoat treatment is guaranteed for 15 years against rust formation. Perfect in very humid places or near the sea, it is also useful to avoid corrosion that also occurs due to the humidity present in the air.

Choose your color.

make your window in the color you like best. Choose from the various possibilities of combinations of kinds of wood and finish.

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