living window

A unique design, a unique window.

Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel

LIVING window

Energy saving as a reference point

Living window is unique in its kind, able to make its enlarged sections harmonious thanks to its new and contemporary aesthetic appearance. The custom-made construction, the wide range of colors and accessories make the Living window suitable for any living environment. Living window introduces new standards in the fixtures sector. Thanks also to a series of cutting-edge innovations, such as the thickness of the four-layers, for the original design and for the superlative performance. Living window was conceived to choose between elegance and technique, between beauty and performance. Main focus is directed towards containing energy residential consumption and improving living comfort.

Living, window in A class.

The solidity, strength and perfection of a Living window can be seen immediately. Technology and design are completed in a product that truly guarantees a reduction in heat dispersion, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption. An elegant and refined line makes the Living a high-end window that ensures the best quality and maximum safety.

finestra living

Living series, the window with a unique design.

Sash and frame are coplanar, the window has a new appearance and at the same time increases its acoustic and thermal insulation. Furthermore, the Living window has everything in standard equipment, so as to guarantee high energy savings, superior sound insulation and extra safety. All for your comfort.

Standard equipment of Living window:

  • External wooden drip wood;
  • Triple high performance glazing;
  • Double thermal channel with argon gas;
  • Reduced central mullion;
  • Tilt and turn opening;
  • Hardware with Tricoat treatment;
  • Square glazing bead;


Choose serenity, choose a certified product!

Air resistance: class 4

Air resistance: class 4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Mechanical tests: compliant

Water resistance: class E1800

Water resistance: class E1800

Acoustic insulation: 39 dB

Acoustic insulation: 39 dB

Wind resistance: class C5

Wind resistance: class C5

Thermal insulation: 0.9 w/mqk

Thermal insulation: 0.9 w/mqk


Security should not be just a feeling … But a certainty.

anti effrazione sidel

All Sidel’s windows, starting from standard equipment, are able to oppose good resistance to break-in attempts. But if we look for something more, no problem. Living window integrated with additional anti-intrusion systems can guarantee greater protection. It is possible to integrate alarm systems directly on the hardware. Such systems work even if we leave the window open, they are invisible and can be integrated into a general system.

serie living

To increase security and get a CR2 certified window, you must respect important rules:

  • the hardware used on windows and french doors must have multiple closing points;
  • glazing used must be of the shatterproof type and glued to the wooden structure;
  • the handle must be of the type with a button or key closure;
  • the installation must be done on a suitable support and with appropriate materials;


make your window unique, customize it to your taste

Unique design

The Living Window is different from any other window thanks to its unique and original design. Its geometric lines and the wood of first choice are just some of the details that make this window unique. Furthermore, the aesthetic aspect is emphasized by particular and always new colors and finishes.

Drip wood.

The external drip is not a covering but an element in solid wood. Its slightly rounded shape fits well in the aesthetic context of the window and at the same time help the outflow of water.

Secustick handle.

Nothing is left to chance when you make Living window, the standard handle takes part in security thanks to the secustik function. This function does not allow the handle to be operated from the outside.

Safety hardware.

Window Living has a natural predisposition for safety. With the use of safety hardware and optimal assembly, the Living window can be certified in CR2 class for burglar-proofing.

Choose your color

make your window in the color you like best. Choose from the various possibilities of combinations of kinds of wood and finish.


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