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URBAN window

The evolution of the window

Urban window is the evolution of the window in the contemporary era. Urban stands out above all for the new window concept that leaves maximum space at glazed surfaces, improving thermal performance and ambient brightness. Reduced external aluminum cladding can disappear into recessed installation solutions. The birth of Urban window was possible thanks to the experience gained in over than 60 years of production of wooden and aluminum windows and doors. Sidel has created a unique window of its kind, design and refinement are combined with technical solutions and performance. An evolved window to respond to the most varied architectural and market solutions. Urban window is the answer to current trends.

finestra urban

Thanks to its wooden frame with reduced dimensions of only 50 mm, Urban window is perfectly suited to the most varied architectural solutions. Urban is the answer to current trends in terms of both design and technology, a window with multiple assembly combinations.

Urban window more space to light.

Urban window can be equipped with screen-line. Venetian blinds to adjust and filter the light, plissè to increase the level of privacy without giving up the brightness or the black-out model ideal for rooms such as the bedroom for maximum darkness. Thanks to the solar module system, it is possible to activate the electric operation even without the presence of a light point.


Choose serenity, choose a certified product!

Air resistance: class 4

Air resistance: class 4

Mechanical tests: compliant

Mechanical tests: compliant

Water resistance: class E1050

Water resistance: class E1050

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Acoustic insulation: 36 dB

Wind resistance: classe C4

Wind resistance: classe C4

Thermal insula: 1.2 w/mqk

Thermal insula: 1.2 w/mqk

Urban window, unique and alone!

because YOUR house is unique like YOU!

serie urban prospetto doppio


Urban window and French door with Urban series no longer have differences. Perfectly identical both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view. Window Urban is the window that wants to furnish as well as isolate. The French door has been deprived of the lower plinth in order to improve the entrance of the light. While for the window the “standard” threshold has been replaced by the lowered aluminum threshold with thermal break. The same used on the French window.



Urban window, appearance is sometimes everything!

Italian design in every detail

finestra urban


The technique is important, isolation is essential, but style makes the difference.

In order to offer customers a solution in line with the elegance of minimal taste, Urban window has in its standard equipment hidden hinges, perfect for the pursuit of style and refinement. All windows are made with tricoat anticorrosion treatment and equipped with a tilt and turn opening system.


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Unique design

Urban window the best Italian design. Urban has a reduced central mullion of only 114 mm making it unique in its category. Its small size allows greater entry of light into the rooms without neglecting the aesthetic appearance with a strong modern appeal.

Lowered threshold

Urban series in its standard equipment have lowered threshold. Made of thermal break aluminum, the new threshold is an exclusive Sidel project. With its 25 mm of height it is also perfect for breaking down architectural barriers.

Triple glazing.

Despite the reduced size of the Urban window, triple glazing can be installed on request. Perfect for increasing thermal and acoustic performance, they are the ideal choice especially in the city. To isolate oneself from traffic noise is very useful for living comfort.

Tricoat Hardware.

The use of hardware with tricoat treatment guarantees perfect operation of closing and opening of the door. This kind of hardware is part of standard equipment of all windows produced by Sidel, tricoat treatment is guaranteed for 15 years against rust formation.

Choose your color

make your window in the color you like best. Choose from the various possibilities of combinations of essence and finish.


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