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Much more than industrial, much more than artisanal: this is Made in Sidel.

Choose your wooden-aluminum window

The freedom to choose. This is the concept that most represents a wooden-aluminum window.


Choose your wooden-aluminum window

The wooden aluminum windows are the exaltation of the wooden windows, in which the beauty and flexibility of the most noble material in the world are mixed with the resistance and durability of aluminum. The resistance of aluminum and the warmth of wood make the wooden aluminum series the ideal solution for those who want a versatile, customizable and long-lasting window. In addition, a window more resistant to weathering. Thanks to the external aluminum shield, extraordinary maintenance is a distant memory. The external aluminum is made with multiple-chamber profiles to avoid bending, born from a project owned by Sidel can be painted in many variations of colors and finishes, such as 3D effects.

An “exclusive” aluminum profile

Wooden aluminum series is made with the Prestige series, characterized by soft and rounded shapes. Ideal for lovers of classic style. Warm colors of the wood or the shades of white, are even more exalted and embellished. For lovers of a more contemporary style we offer the Exquadra series. Una finestra caratterizzata da forme più decise e linee più squadrate, ma realizzata con la stessa tecnica della gemella Prestige. Both series are perfect for those looking for beauty and performance in terms of energy saving and living comfort.



The combination of two naturally materials such as wood and aluminum give life to the Prestige series, the aluminum wooden window with soft and rounded shapes. The ideal window for those who do not want to renounce to beauty of the wood, given that it is made up of 70% in wood and combined with the strength of the external boxed aluminum. Prestige series is available in all shapes and types. Characteristic that distinguishes it from other products is certainly represented by its important thickness but at the same time designed to be always current and suitable for any living environment.


Twin of the Prestige series, Exquadra series differs exclusively by its more squared shapes. Ideal for those who love contemporary style but at the same time do not want to give up the traditional style of a robust and important style. The Exquadra window adapts well to any architectural context.